Silvia Hroncová

Silvia Hroncová, Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic (photo)
1983–1988: Comenius University, Faculty of Arts – Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, interfaculty major in theatre science – aesthetics
Work Experience
2022 – 14th May 2023: Academy of Fine Arts – Board of Trustees (Vice-President)
2022 – 14th May 2023: P. O. Hviezdoslav Theatre – Board of Directors (Member)
2022 – 14th May 2023: Creative Institute Trenčín – Board of Directors (Chairperson)
2020 – 14th May 2023: Old School Kokava, o.z., Kokava nad Rimavicou – Chairwoman of the civic association
2019 – 14th May 2023: Film Europe Media Company, Bratislava and Prague – Executive Director
2013 – 2019: National Theatre Opera and State Opera in Prague – Director
2009 – 2013: Film Europe Media Company, Bratislava and Prague – Programming Director SK & CZ
2006 – 2009: Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava – General Director
1999 – 2006: Theatre Institute, Bratislava – Director
Silvia Hroncová is a cultural manager and theatrologist. She has a Master’s degree in aesthetics and theatre science at Academy of Performing Arts and Comenius University in Bratislava. As the director of the Theatre Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia, she has been a part of several successful projects, including the New Drama theatre festival and the alternative theatre Studio 12. She co-founded the largest Slovak theatre award DOSKY and was the general director of the Slovak National Theatre. She also led the two largest Czech opera ensembles: The National Theatre Opera and the State Opera in Prague.
In addition to her theatre work, Hroncova co-founded the Film Europe television channel, and was also the executive director of the Film Europe distribution company, which has offices in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
She was also the Chairwoman of the civic association Old School Kokava, who is working to save a building built in 1913, and establish a glass gallery to strengthen cultural life, tourism and awareness of the Gemer-Malohont-Novohrad region in Slovakia. In addition to that, she was also the chairperson of the Creative Institute of Trenčín – a Board of Directors that implements the European Capital of Culture project for Trenčín in 2026.

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